Vinyl Liner Product Information

We are constantly looking at new products and materials to ensure our clients will receive the latest and very best products available on the market.

For a durable, low maintenance and attractive surface finish for any in-ground swimming pool, a flexible PVC membrane is the smart choice. Specially treated to resist bacteria, these membranes create a beautifully smooth, water-tight finish which is incredibly easy to keep clean.

If you have an in-ground pool, there are many reasons to install a liner instead of using other materials such as paint, fibreglass, pebble or tiles.

Long periods of either dry or wet weather conditions bring ground movement which can cause many pool surfaces to crack. A PVC membrane is a fast, cost-effective solution to repetitive, costly repairs and is suitable for all pool finishes.

A vinyl pool membrane is also a fantastic way to revitalise an older, tired looking pool. An 80’s pebble pool can be completely transformed into an inviting, brilliant blue, resort style oasis in a very short time frame.

The high quality pigments of a liner mean colours stay brighter for longer, and it can be treated to resist algae – so no need for laborious scrubbing.

So give us a call now for a professional vinyl liner replacement!